This is an idea passed along to me from my good friend Chris Cobleigh. The idea here is to find if there is a trend among public safety professionals regarding technology usage while at work. It’s more than that though, we’re interested in everything from the make and model of your phone, your carrier, and the apps you have on your phone. What’s the primary use of your phone, business, social media, making phone calls? Also does anyone have a tendency to use their phone on calls? I don’t mean making phone calls or texting (I hope no one here is doing that) but rather what applications do you have on your phone to make your job easier? What are the top 5 applications that you couldn’t live without? Do you use a case, if so which do you prefer?

I’ll give you an example with my own profile:
Carrier: Sprint
Phone: HTC EVO 4G
Case: Otterbox Defender
Top 5 Apps: Tweetdeck, Foursquare, Google Maps, Weatherbug, Food Spotting
Apps for Work: Epocrates – I use it all the time, hugely helpful for those drugs that only have a trade name; worst of all, when the patient only has the pill to show you.
Primary Usage: Social Media – I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Twitter!

Only five years ago the idea of leaving your phone at home was plausible. I challenge anyone here to feel completely comfortable without their phone, and failing that, comfortable without their smart phone. We’ve become so accustomed to a constant source of contact with other people that we’re lost without it. So please feel free to leave comments with what your own personal electronic addiction may be. This isn’t just public safety specific, if you’re a reader and not involved in the field of EMS, Fire, Police, etc please feel free to comment as well. Also, if you’re choice of electronic connectivity is not a phone what device are you lost without?